Best way to study in Japan. Best way to study in Japan.

SpeedVisa is a cloud service completely free of charge for everyone who is going to study abroad in Japan.
You can use by invitation from school.

Fill out every necessary form correctly the first time, without any misses or requests for additional information. In addtion, our service helps you to make your transition to Japanese life as effortless as possible.

  • Create documents online

    SpeedVisa can be accessed via smartphone.
    Though just filling out the outlined items, all documents will be completed automatically.

  • Find somewhere to live and somewhere to work

    According to your Japanese-skill, how far you want to live from your school etc., SpeedVisa can give you suggestions for
    your japanese life so it fits your conditions.

  • Get to know all necessary procedures

    Resident Registration, opening a bank account etc., SpeedVisa supports you all the way with these procedures.